April Reading Wrap-Up 2018

This month was a mixed bag with reading as I actually did not finish my first book until the 14th – nearly half way through. I just found myself busy with work and life and not really prioritising picking up a book. However, I slowly got back into it and then this weekend was Dewey’s 24hr readathon. I had never taken part in one before as I had never been free for the weekend it was scheduled on. However, I saw some readathon TBR posts at the end of last week so decided last-minute to take part and I am so pleased I did. The concentrated reading time got me really excited about reading again. I ended up marathoning 8 books and instead of feeling saturated with reading I just want to read more now.

The books I read this month are:


  1. Starfish by Akemi Dawn Bowman– ★★★★☆
  2. STAGS by M A Bennett– ★★★☆☆
  3. The Loneliest Girl In The Universe by Lauren James – ★★★★☆
  4. Stay With Me by Ayobami Adebayo (Review to Come)- ★★★★☆
  5. We Are Young by Cat Clarke – ★★★★★
  6. The State of Grace by Rachael Lucas (Review to Come) – ★★★★☆
  7. The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo (Review to Come) – ★★★★★
  8. The Year of The Rat by Clare Furniss (Review to Come) – ★★★★★
  9. The Paper Girls Vol. 1 (Review to Come) – ★★★★☆
  10. The Paper Girls Vol. 2 (Review to Come) – ★★★★☆
  11. The Paper Girls Vol. 3 (Review to Come) – ★★★★☆
  12. My Box-Shaped Heart by Rachael Lucas (Review to Come) – ★★★★☆
  13. Uncommon Type: Some Stories by Tom Hanks (Review to Come) – ★★☆☆☆

(I have a lot of reviews to write!!)

Books Read: 13
Pages Read: 3738
Goodreads Challenge: 32/60 – I’m now miles ahead of my goal so hopefully going to smash it!

Favourite Book: This is really hard as I loved all the five-star books I read this month pretty equally. But I think I will have to say The Poet X as it was such a unique and powerful little book and I was so surprised to enjoy a novel in verse as much as I did. Full review of this one to come later this week.

Average Rating: 4.1 – This is above average (3.69) but lower than previous months this year due to a couple of books I did not enjoy that much ie. STAGS and Uncommon Type.

Genres: Contemporary YA: 6, Sci-fi YA: 1, Thriller YA: 1, Graphic Novel: 3, Adult Fiction: 1, Short Story Collection: 1
Mainly YA again but I really enjoyed all the contemporary YAs I read this month. I enjoyed branching out and trying graphic novels this month and am hoping to also get my hands on SAGA to try.

Currently Reading:


  1. Carry On by Rainbow Rowell
  2. Strange The Dreamer by Laini Taylor

I have just started the audiobook of Carry On by Rainbow Rowell and am finally reading on my Kindle Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor.

Blog Posts I Published This Month:

  1. March Reading Wrap-Up 2018
  2. April TBR 2018
  3. Review: All I Know Now by Carrie Hope Fletcher
  4. Review: Starfish by Akemi Dawn Bowman
  5. Review: STAGS by M A Bennett
  6. Review: We Are Young by Cat Clarke
  7. Dewey’s 24hr Readathon TBR
  8. Review: The Loneliest Girl in the Universe

Favourite Blog Posts This Month:

– Loretta’s review of Nothing Left To Burn has made me put this book straight onto my May TBR. I picked it up in New York just because of the beautiful cover really but now I know the story inside is going to be amazing I want to read it asap.

– This guest post by Lucy on Novel Knight about making your blog look more professional was really useful. I really want to work on the design of my blog next month to make everything look a lot more uniform. I also really need to work on scheduling blog posts and posting regularly.

– Due to the massive reading slump I was in at the beginning of the month, this post from Alana at the Bookish Chick on how to get out of them was very timely. Just letting myself take a break and not read without putting pressure on myself was really helpful in ending the slump. Comparing my reading pace to others is never a good idea either.

– I loved this post from Tiffany on reasons to love e-books as I agreed with everything! Physical books are so often favoured by book-lovers and I definitely understand enjoying the feel of a physical book but I read the majority of my books on my Kindle as it is so great downloading books instantly. I also find it so comfortable to read with as it is so much lighter than a book and it means I can take a whole library with me when I travel. The ability to look up words in the dictionary so easily and add annotations also makes the Kindle reading experience better.

How was your reading month? Let me know if you have any recommendations!


5 thoughts on “April Reading Wrap-Up 2018

  1. You had such an awesome month of books! I loved Starfish and The Poet X as well, and my girlfriend is super into Paper Girls and is just about to start on the fourth one. Congrats on your April!


    • It was a bumper month! The readathon was the culprit though. Normally I only read 7 or 8 books! I am absolutely loving Carry On. I am taking every chance I can to keep listening to the audiobook and I only have an hour left now.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Awww yay!!! I’m so happy my review made you move Nothing Left to Burn up on your tbr! I really do feel like that book should be getting more attention. Hopefully you like it as much as I did!

    I’ve been dying to read Paper Girls for a while now and haven’t gotten around to it, but I’ll have to! I’m happy they were good. I’m also going to be reading The Loneliest Girl in the Universe soon too! I’ll have to come back afterwards so we can compare notes 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am excited to read it as soon as I finish Strange the Dreamer. Hopefully I can get stuck in this weekend.

      I really enjoyed Paper Girls, definitely recommend as a quick read. I am trying to get hold of the next volume now – its a bit addictive.

      Hope you enjoy The Loneliest Girl – it had such a surprising, unique plot so hopefully you like it!

      Liked by 1 person

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